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Why keep your treasured belongings tucked away where no one can see them. We can help you design and frame any item that is important to you.
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What can turn a simple hockey picture into a truly unique centerpiece?
A frame made out of previously used hockey sticks!
Our creativity knows no limit!
Yes we also frame sports jerseys!

click on the picture to see how this comic book was framed using completely reversible preservation methods.
This is an example of a spliced mat. The top mat is a solid white mat, but we matched the colors of the piece with a spliced mat for the second mat. 
We can frame needlework as well. 
This customer won a ribbon for her beautifully done cross stitch.
Click on the comic book to see how it was preservation framed.
with this form or call us at 651-455-7595
When you work toward a goal and accomplish something you are proud of why not frame it so you can remember what you are capable of! It can be encouraging to see what you can do when you set your mind to it!
No Job is too big, as this original of Prince by Garibaldi demonstrates!
When you have an accomplishment that makes the paper, show off your proud moment!
This is an example of a fairly simple multiple opening mat to show both the name of the newspaper and the article. Including the mat, the frame, clear glass and everything else to make this ready to hang, this 15 x 18 inch piece costs about $50
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These two large fabric pieces are both over five feet tall. 

The tapestry required all tassels be sewn to the custom fabric backing board!

Yes that is a full length Bridal Gown with a very long train behind it!
Rather it is a Hole in one or competing in marathons, we can help display your proud moments!
When on vacation some people bring back art on canvas, some bring back art on paper. But this person brought back some beautiful clay tiles!
How would you frame this signed photo and sheet music? 
Click on the image to see what they did!

This colorful piece was purchased directly from the artist. The artist did a little bonus art on the back which we wanted our customer to be able to also view. Click on the image to see how we did it.